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Al-Bogom tribe located originally in the famous Tareba valley and Al-Bogom desert or (Nagd desert) and the known as Hadn mountain, their center is Tareba town which is a gate of Nagd and Al-Higaz key.
The relation between Al-Bogom and Tareba valley is an old one, they lived there before Bani Helal immigration where found there in 378H.
The border tribes are:
From east and north Sabea tribe.
From west and north Otaiba tribe
From south and southwest Bani Al-Hareth tribe
From southeast Ghamdi tribe
One of Al-Bogom tribe centers which is crowded with population:
Radwan- Al-Alba – Al-Gharaba- Al-Hashrag – Al-Hiria – Al-Gebaily – Al-Mehaijir – Al-Khomra – Al-Mahwi – Al-Gowaeya- Al-Deera- Al-Asla- Zlaga – Sha'ar – Al-Mahwi – Aasma – Al-Gadar – Al-Alawa – Hegra ben Ghanam – Al-Sardi – Al-Abesia – Al-Ergeen – Al-Gawama and others.


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