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their adherence to the country

Al-Bogom tribe was of the first tribes in the Arab peninsula arriving at the some in charge from Al-Saud to pledge allegiance for defending Islam and obedience, accordingly the neighboring tribes do the same and imitate them, and when the Saudi country decided to make a defense against ememy , Al-Bogom tribe displayed high level of sacrifice in order to support Islamic regulations and values and pledging allegiance to Al- Saud.
The history witnessed their defense before Othman armies led by Egypt governor Mohammed Ali Basha, that Tareba battle became a symbol of sacrifice and honor, the mutual respect and love continue between Al-Saud and Al-Bogom, that Al-Ekhwan invitation supported by King Abdul Aziz, Al-Bogom men adopted its thoughts and pay a major participation with Al-Ekhwan in beating Al-Sharif army after joining to Al-Ekhwan army, that they obtained triumph , also Al-bogom continue in their attitudes and sacrificing, they participated in all Saudi campaigns some of which Asir , Jazan campaigns, then participated in Taif , Makkah and Jeddah blockade (Abrag Al-Regama) also shared in Madina, Yanbu and Deba campaigns.
In addition, Al-Bogom sheikhs and leaders arrived to the Saudi governments to renew pledge of allegiance when it is necessary , and there are many of the tribe's men having imports posts in the country

Al Saud visits to Tareba and Al-Bogom:
1.Imam Saud ben Abdul Aziz ben Mohammed Al Saud in 1209H
2.Faisal ben Saud ben Abdul Aziz Al Saud in 1230.
3.Abdul Aziz ben Abdul Rahman Al- Saud King of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
4.Saud Ben Abdul Aziz Al Saud in 1374H
5.The custodian of the two holly mosques / King Fahd ben Abdul Aziz Al-Saud
6.His highness prince Mansour ben Abdul Aziz minister of defense.
7.His highness prince Sultan ben Abdul Aziz Al –Saud, crown minister, minister of defense and aviation in 1418H.
8. His highness prince Ahmed ben Abdul Aziz and his visits to Tareba.
9. His highness prince Mohammed ben Saud ben Abdul Aziz Abaha prince
10. His highness prince Mamdoh ben Abdul Aziz.
11. His highness prince Saud Abdul Muhsen Al-Saud and his repeated visits to Tareba.
12. His highness prince Khalid Al-Faisal of Makkah 1429H
13. His highness prince Al-Waleed ben Talal ben Abdul Aziz
14. His highness prince Faisal ben Sultan ben Abdul Aziz
15. His highness prince Faisal ben Mohmed ben Saud
16. His highness prince Sultan ben Mohamed ben Saud
17. His highness prince Abdul Aziz ben Mohammed Al-Kabir


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