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Ramadan is a market of Tareba anciently , it is a history and a civilization , Ramadan market is located in Tareba , its area is semi-circle not more than 600m , all buildings were from mud , foundation is done from stones some of which composed of two floors. In the middle of the market an area of 50 meters , width 30 meters surrounded by shops and building from the backside and the mosque from the north , it can be reached from two entrance one of them at the north with width two meters , and southern entrance divided into two passages inside the market, the building of which penetrated by some vaults.
Its commercial goods include butter , date , ropes , wooden households and textile which used in the woof houses such as Al-Tarige , Al-Felgan and Al-Ghadire, inside it there were goods brought from Hegaz cities including clothes , coffee , seeds and others also there were war necessities : guns , sword, spear , gunpowder moreover to turban , Ebayas and furnitures.
Its name took from the fire happened anciently , its fence has been renewed by Imam Saud ben Abdul Aziz ben Mohammed as a result of Turki attacks to Tareba in 1341, Abdullah ben Mo'ammar , Tareba prince has renewed fences and then Ramadan missed its commercial position in 1390, the persons belonged it were 230 including owners , houses and shops in 1412H , then the municipality destructed buildings after the building expansion and the residents gone to modern homes , only the mosques was revived. And it was mentioned by Yagout Al-Hamawi in his book

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