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what is said about Albogom

Borkhart ) in his book (Al-Wahabeen history materials) said about them:
The turki people ememies who were around the Ka'aba did not desire to fight them as Al-Bogom of Tareba done.

Luwis Shekho in his research published in Al-Mashreq magazine (1930) said:
The Arab tribes near Makkah did not opposed and fought, only Al-Bogom of Tareba who fought.

Sheikh Obied ben Shaflout Al-Ghtani said: their fighter in the war equal to 5.000 from other fighters. In addition sheikh Abbad Abu Garnain Al-Mutairi said:
a person show enemy to Al-Bogom only will find loss, that they same as falcons in their doing.

The poet Saud ben Dogaileb Al-Aamri Al-Subaie said about them: they practice good tasks , they are generous and brave protecting their area also gentile.
Sheikh Shaleh ben Hattab ben Hadlan Al-Ghtani said : they are brave doing their best in marksmanship.
Jordanian poet Ihsan Ibrahim Mustafa Al-Masoudi said: Al-Bogom is a major tribe and they love their country

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