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tribe's genealogy

Albogom is a Khtani tribe from the major Izd tribes mentioned in Prophet Mohammed Hadiths, they are the sons of Aamir ben Howala ben Al-Hano, ben Al-Izd ben Al-Gowth ben Nabt ben Malek ben Zaid ben Kahlan ben Saba'a ben Yashgeb ben Ya'arob ben Ghtan this according to many evidences , that have been mentioned by many scientists and historians the first of whom is ben Habib (dead in 245H), then Al-Anbari (dead in 304H) , ben Dareed (dead in 321H),
 Al-Hamadani (dead in 350H) , Al-Asfahani and Al-zubaidi (dead in 1205H)
and others.

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