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turky war

Al-Bogom wars with Turki people and Othmani country:
Al-Bogom tribe faced strongly the Othani campaigns (Turki people), that beated them and killed major numbers which enforced their governor Mohammed Ali Basha to lead the campaign by himself after this sadness of the army leader (Mustafa Bek), that he returned him accompanying the pilgrims and dismissed Makkah prince Ghaeb Al-Sherif, after beated by Toson Basha and disorder took place.
These battles occurred in Saleem valley which called (Rayhan) because it was full of corpses located west of Tareba and east of Hadn mountain.

1-First invasion:
Mustafa Bek attacked Tareba leading him strong and trained equipped armies including hounds , machine gun , and other ammunition and horsemen from Libya Bedouins and mercenaries from Napolion army and Europe , then he blockades Tareba for 12 days, and Al-Bogom prevented him to enter beating him and took many gains , killing more solidiers who were 5.000 .

2-Second invasion:
In 1229, Mohammed Ali Bash (Egypt Governor) prepared an army led by ben Toson and equipped by troops including hounds and machine gun in addition to (6000) fighters , directing it to Tareba , he blockades it three days , beated by Al-Bogom and killed about (1800) also took ammunitions and all luggage and escaped with his soldiers


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